Production / Quality Engineer

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Posted on: 2019-10-06



2000-3999 AED

2 Years

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Industrial & Manufacturing

Not mentioned!

Bachelors Degree


Production / Quality control Engineer - should posses a Mechanical / Electrical education- Responsible to Monitor, tests and inspects all processes involved in the production of a product and product itself. He has to ensure the quality standards are met by every component of the product or service provided by a company. Should also monitor production at shop floor. Should be well acknowledged with the different methods for quality insurance used in the industry. Has to work on hands on at work. His skills should be based on the visual inspection of a product along with the test-based quality insurance. Should also possess skills of the professional documentation for the process of quality assurance. wide range of knowledge on manufacturing and production process. Providing solutions to the problems concerning the manufacturing process.


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